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Movement check-ups to PREVENT problems

Posted on: October 28th, 2015 by Laurie Plouffe No Comments

kettle-bellEvery aspect of your health is monitored to see signs of problems before you have symptoms; always looking for signs of heart disease or diabetes BEFORE they happen. Every aspect except your musculoskeletal self – your muscles and bones. We only pay attention to that area and seek professional help when we are having pain or problems moving.

What if we could have a peek to see if there is any part of your movement system that isn’t performing optimally, BEFORE you notice a problem? We could then implement some preventative measures to keep you going and offset the impact of an injury.

Like a car you put miles on your body with daily activities of living plus added sport or physical activity. Checking the system (your body) at regular intervals, like a tune up for a car, can help make sure that performance is optimal at all times. Especially at times you want to try something new. Maybe you want to try crossfit, running, snowboarding, spinning, HIIT classes or something else into your activities. Before you go ahead spending money on equipment and training we should make sure that body is capable of handling those demands without setting it up for injury.

A functional movement assessment can quickly show us how your body moves in sequence. Muscle activation and timing of movement sequence is important for efficient movement. If something in the pattern or timing is off compensation to get the movement done will happen.

Compensation with movement and muscles leads to overuse and pain, and decreased ability to be efficient because you are using muscles for jobs they aren’t equipped to do. This means not being as strong, fast or able as you should be. Some simple corrective “resets” or exercises given for those specific compensations done regularly could help improve the movement patterns. This leads to increased efficiency, thus more speed, strength and ability.

We all want to be faster, stronger and better at what we do. And we all hate being injured and taking time off from our activities. Being proactive with a movement checkup can ensure your body is always operating at its best.

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