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Run to the Hills

Posted on: June 19th, 2017 by Laurie Plouffe No Comments

Running in EdmontonHitting the trails/obstacle course racing or miles of pavement, Edmonton has many amazing places for runners to get their stride on. Here are a few tips to make sure your running is smooth and injury free.

Strength training.. yes we know…true seasoned runners like to run, and only run. But hitting the gym is an essential ingredient to prepping your body for the demands of running. Moving in different directions and with resistance helps develop muscles for running since running is quite repetitive on the same muscles. Try these moves for running strength – squat, lateral bear crawl, deadlift

Core– the core is the centre of our body, all movement stems from it. It is how we control the movement of our arms and legs. Since man started walking upright our brains have had a big job in keeping us there and preventing us from falling face first. If our brain doesn’t trust the function of our core (if the core isn’t activating in time to allow a stable base) the brain will call in other muscles to help keep us up…but it’s not their job to do that. This can lead to overuse of those muscles when we also demand that they help us run…they are overworked! They start to tell our body through pain and injury there is something going on. Some key core exercises are – deadbug, plank, superman,

Footstrike –heel strike vs. forefoot strike… This can be debated until the cows come home but it comes down to the design of the body, specifically the lower leg and foot. The muscles and the tendons (think bottom of foot and calf and achilles) are designed to store and release energy, like a spring. Use it best by landing on the mid to forefoot and springing your step (kind of how it feels to run uphill). This is most efficient for transferring energy, up to 40%! That means less work! Striding like this decreases the impact on the body by using the intrinsic shock absorbing power of the body. So basically less work (more efficient) and less jolt on the joints equals happy runners and happy bodies!

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