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Improve Your Golf Game with 3D Swing Analysis

Posted on: July 3rd, 2017 by Laurie Plouffe 1 Comment

Golf season is upon us! Many of us will do whatever it takes to get a few extra yards from our swings. This usually leads to spending more money on clubs or balls, with little improvement.  Oftentimes, drastic improvement in one’s golf game can be made by looking at how the body moves throughout our day-to-day activities, and not just with one’s golf swing.

How efficiently our body moves in sequence translates to how well we swing a club, leading to more accuracy and distance…a golfer’s dream. How does this happen? Power is transferred through the body chain to the club from the ground up. The more efficiently each piece of the chain works together to transfer power, the more power is transferred from the club to the ball. If parts of the chain lack movement power will be lost and the movement becomes less efficient. This results in a poor swing, or worse, injury.

30% of golfers experience lower back pain after a round (the true % is probably much higher). Of these, at least half will have to stop golfing due to pain. Low back pain is prevalent in golfers because as we age we lose mobility in our thoracic spine and hips. This part of the spine contributes to most of our rotation. If it is not moving properly, the lumbar spine ends up over rotating to compensate. Over time this added stress leads to degeneration on the joints and discs in the lower back and results in pain and injury. Too often the rehabilitation focus becomes the lower back despite the fact that the cause of that pain is elsewhere.

A functional movement assessment is like an equipment check for your body.  It examines your body’s movement patterns and determines if there are any faults. Our functional movement trained therapists can determine if this fault is due to a mobility issue (a stiff joint or tight muscle), or a movement control issue (your body has forgotten how to move properly and requires retraining). Once these issues are resolved, a golf swing becomes much easier and efficient, with less likelihood of injury.

Propel Sports Physical has 3D swing analysis technology that allows us to apply findings of the movement assessment directly to your golf swing in real time, basically see how efficient you move when you swing. We are currently Edmonton’s only physical therapy clinic offering this service.

Combining this technology with the results of the movement assessment can improve your game, increase your accuracy, keep you golfing pain free through the entire season.

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