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The Foam Roller: If my mom can use it, so can you

Posted on: March 7th, 2016 by Laurie Plouffe No Comments

Foam RollerAbout a year ago my mom, an active semi-retired grandma in her mid-60s was suffering from daily back pain which was preventing her from enjoying some of her hobbies and even making it difficult to complete chores and work around the yard. Living in a small rural community in northern Alberta with no direct access to physio my mom sought advice from my brother Arri and I, both of whom are physiotherapists.

Our advice was simple: “Mama, you gotta use your foam roller.”

Like many people, mom was skeptical. She had heard some myths about foam rollers that I would like to clear up.

MYTH: Foam rolling is just for athletes.

FACT: A foam roller can be used by almost everybody regardless of your fitness, age or body composition.

MYTH: Foam rolling is just for tight IT bands.

FACT: Using a foam roller can not only improve muscle mobility, it can help improve posture, core stability, joint stiffness and balance.

MYTH: Foam rolling MUST be painful in order to be effective.

FACT: Don’t get me wrong, rolling some areas can be downright nasty, but there are also a tonne of ways you can use a foam roller which are equally as effective and completely pain-free.

So with some encouragement from her sons, Mama McWatt began doing her 2 very simple foam roller exercises every day. In total the exercises would take her between 5-10 minutes. Today her back is completely pain-free, she has better posture, range of motion and balance. Most importantly, she is once again able to do all the hobbies that she enjoys.

For useful tips on how to use your foam roller and a chance to win a brand new foam roller of your own check out our Facebook page or Instagram account @propelsportsphysio . 

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