Concussion Testing & Treatment

A concussion baseline test is a simple series of tests, both to test the brain and the ability of the brain to control the body, that give our physios a baseline of each athlete’s individual healthy brain function – and gives them a benchmark for comparison if an athlete does sustain a concussion throughout the season. This helps determine the most effective way to treat an athlete after a concussion and return them to play safely and soon.

At Propel – we use CCMIs comprehensive baseline test which includes aspects of: medical history, memory recall, concentration, static & dynamic balance, reaction time, and strength, and visual processing. This is especially important because when the brain sustains an injury, any of the mentioned functions of the brain can be impacted.

Because of these many components to a concussion – using multiple different tests as opposed to just one (example – just memory testing). the baseline test provides us with reliable data to ensure our athletes are both safe and ready to get back to school, work, and back to the game!

Initial symptoms of a concussion may disappear within a few days (think headaches, feeling ‘off’, difficulty concentrating, etc.) – but the brain can take a couple weeks to heal! This is where the baseline test comes in to compare those objective measures and help to determine if an athlete is ready for return to sport.

But don’t worry! If you DON’T have a baseline test done – our staff are still trained in assessment, treatment, and rehab of concussions to make sure each individual return back to learning, working, or their sport.
Baseline concussion screens can be booked individually or as a team.

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