Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy: Pelvic Pain & Discomfort

Being pregnant is an exciting time, but not if you’re in pain. Many pregnant women have back pain, achy muscles and sore legs. At Propel Sports Physical Therapy, we can offer you pain relief so you don’t have to suffer just because you’re pregnant.

Enjoy your pregnancy, pain-free

Our physical therapists can help you manage common pregnancy discomforts.

Many of our therapists are certified in Rost Therapy. Rost Therapy is the leading and most effective treatment technique proven by research to work for pain related to the pelvic girdle during and after pregnancy.

We start with an assessment and education session that addresses the reasons for your pain, and then we work with you to understand why you’re having pain and teach you how to manage it on your own.

Usually one or two follow up visits at our clinic in south Edmonton are all that it takes to get you moving again and enjoying your pregnancy!

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